Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Don't Give Up...Don't Grow Weary...

Just because our economy has not made enough jobs for you to be employed in your field, do not loose hope. Don't discourage others scratching after their dreams if yours has come to a halt. Every situation is different. It will be okay! If you are a single person, single with children, widowed , divorced or happily married OR not does not mean that there isn't any light at the end of the tunnel. 

Yes, sure, shit looks real bad right now but remember when our market picks up you'll be more employable than the person without an education or who just didn't do anything. Yes women are still under paid but eventually we will receive equal pay. Yes, men receive a weight load of hell and pressure with or without a job. Ease up for a minute. The hiring process will not be as difficult when companies generate more money to expand and open new positions. 

Our leaders are struggling too. Everyone is effected. My heart truly goes out to all the singles without dependents and or spousal support and or plain ole support. When things go bad they have no one to turn to. So if laid off or their contract ends, there is no one there for them to help pick up the slack. Without a decent savings, they will loose much more than our married peers.

DON'T give UP please. You have a skill, trade or gift that is employable in the meantime. Whether its hand made goods, construction, organizing, decorating, etc....there is something you're good at outside your field. Find it, locate others who are doing it, be inspire to press on in the meantime. It's okay, you're okay, it just looks bad now.

But this too shall pass!
Continued Blessings and all that good stuff.


P.S. Truncate anything or anyone trying to hold you back and or not making you better, rid yourself of it, we are more blessed than we give God credit, be grateful, thankful and vigilant during these times. 

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