Friday, August 14, 2020

Loving Lex Short Story By Cecilia Okugo dedicated to R&B Singer Mawxell

A tall dark and handsome singer song writer hermit of Soho NY pays a fan a visit which turns out to be a blissful day. Does he cross boundaries, do they become an item? With this at risk does he loose everything or does he stand to gain the love of his life!!?? Based on a series of events. At an after party back stage a avid follower of Lexington is swept off her feet by a smooth talking Lex and is taken to bed that same night. They made love until the sun came up in his pent house in lower Soho NY. Lisa a star struck fan refused to leave Lex that morning. She gave him all the sex he wanted. He was intoxicated by Lisa. She wore a sexy lingerie that night in case she was lucky that night. And she was. Another entered that penthouse as Lex and Lisa were getting it on. Ava threw a duffle bag towards them and yelled. Lisa immediately began to dress. The woman stormed out of Lex place after throwing his key at him. Lisa apologized and kissed Lex goodbye and left her business card. Lex was so pissed. Her turned his phone off and fell deep in slumber. Bitch free, he couldn’t get Lisa off his mind. Later that evening he met Lisa at a Bistro. They could barely get seated due to all the fans raving at Lexington’s presents. They enjoyed their wine and dinner, after dessert. They strolled the park and took a carriage ride home back to Lex’s place. The night was full passion and the room full of Lisa’s pheromone. The mix of night air from the patio and her pheromone Lex was in bliss with very thrust Lisa was taken to ecstasy. Lex’s music soothe the night and filled Lisa with so much joy. Months went by and the two became an item, as Lex’s girlfriend Lisa became an star overnight. Everyone was prying into Lisa’s business, poparazzi was everywhere they went. Could taken some getting used to but Lex was worth all the trouble she’d passed through and was about to pass through. Lisa worried as to why Lex choose her instead of all the other beautiful women he encountered over the years. She felt so lucky and crosses her fingers not to mess things up with Lex she makes a promise not spoil his career or fans. Lex and Lisa traveled everywhere. Women from the outside always threatened to break the two up with some sort of blackmail but Lexington and Lisa were unstoppable. Lisa often disappointed Lex with her ways that didn't fit with their fame such as saying anything via social media. He begged he to stay away from tabloids and social media. Lex believed that social media can break your career if you’re not careful. Lisa was stalked by paparazzi looking for a break in Lex’s and Lisa relationship. Lexington was a well to do kinda guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth raised in Brooklyn NY. Lex put his career on the line and on the back burner for Lisa. They set to marry and the record label told Lisa that being single was a better fit for his image. Lisa cried and dared not too loose Lexington’s love. Lisa struggle providing a healthy home and lifestyle to Lexington and Lexington struggled to put Lisa first before the label and his music. Bittersweet they parted ways for the sake of keeping Lexingtons career on track. Lisa was broken hearted but she was able to repair the pieces broken from the relationship she had with Lex. Becoming a star from being with Lex was a plus and fail because everything she does reflects on his career. Lex and Lisa remained friends.

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