Saturday, September 5, 2020

Ghost In The Underworld | Unwanted Short Story by Cecilia Okugo

 A rendition of the movie: Ghost

Renee lost her spirit and it began communicating with her and she didn’t know how to save her spirit. Supernatural things began to happen around her that she could not explain. 

God open the heavens and the world for Renee to understand her life and purpose.

Does Renee’s spirit make it to heaven or does it land in hell if she doesn't get the message out about her purpose with God.

Your purpose was to simply tell how an angel saved the world. Your life is in discord because of your curiosity. When you return know that I am God.

Renee looked up at the sky and said the heavens are open, she knew the angles were watching. As a spiritualist taking care of spirits became difficult. She could tell couldn’t decipher the evil or good spirits but she knew her spirit was in trouble. 

The angels taught her magic and how to save her self in case the devil was near. Renee landed herself and her spirit in deep darkness by taking in Satins spirit and sleeping with it. She had no idea the paranormal things she had delved into.

Her dark past start days early and her present was like last year. She couldn’t wrap her head around what she had done or where she was going. She was often visited by an fallen angel

Who taught all about the underworld hell. Eva was an evil fallen angel jealous of Renee who didnt know her powers or gifts. So to teach Renee a lesson she would strip her of all she was blessed with including her virtuous spirit.

Renee never knew that sleeping with the spirit of Satin would land her in hell with EVA the fallen angel. They did everything together in their worlds. Much evil derived from the two. Yet Renee the spirit never knew what she was doing to her real life. The argued all the time. Eva wanted fame and Renee wanted to banish her innocents in order to be bad with Eva. And Renee spirit did it. She did the inevitable she sold the spirit of her soul to hell and Satin was her worst nightmare. Eva too! They wouldn't let her forget what she did. 

Renee’s spirit wasn't enough Eva wanted the virtuous high and mighty Renee to fall. Renee began to communicate with her spirit in one of her rituals and discovered what her spirit had done. Renee summoned magic from the moon and cinnamon to attract the spirits who had her life. She could now hear their every word. Renee wasn't famous her spirit had pulled her down, so far down Renee was near death.

Renee used magic to protect her body but she felt sick and abnormal most days. She started loosing teeth, toe nails and hair. Most morning felt like morning sickness and severe headaches. The underworld had the real Renee and Eva was on her way to total success in the real world only Renee never knew who the real Eva was.

Nothing was working her magic kept getting sold to hell. Renee could find the problem but she just couldn't fix it. Renee began to tell God everything and she seen God’s miracles. So Eva decided to make Renee sleep with satin every night to save her life. Renee never knew how important her blood line was. Until she realized what Eva was using her for. Renee was so caught up in Eva and the underworld she forgot how to live. She was trying everything, Gods miracles were still prevalent but the selling of her blood and soul killed the spirit of the world itself.

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