Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Lake House Short Story by Cecilia Okugo

 Kim, a  product developer, plays a game with her mentor called “May The Best Man Win” and her mentor wins of course because they couldn't find anyone suitable. Of all the guys there were two that her father didn't agree with  but they always saved the day. Alex from a well to do background always picked up the pieces of Kim’s broken heart. John a self made billionaire was there to always help Kim see her own reality, he saw through her bullish.

While at a country club bistro with her mentor she realized which man she loved the most but was hard to conquer. So they narrowed the competition down to two men. A well to do Alex and strict billionaire John. Kim was playing so many games that the men almost gave up but a visit to Johns lake house told Kim all she needed to know. Kim was full of head games and setting people against one another. 

John had an family lake house in the mountains. He treated Kim like a princess yet one night there after hiking in the mountains back at the lake house Kim suddenly discovered how mean and insecure John was. Could you blame John for being a stickler for rules when he had a reputation to keep.

Kim tried to find excuses to leave the lake house early but John insisted she stay. They made love but in the middle of their sleep after love making Kim woke up to John choking her. John had checked Kims messages to Alex and found out who she was in love with. The competition had been a secret but that night everything was called off by Kim. She struggled to get out of the choke hold and began to gather her things to leave once and for all.

There was so much on her mind as she began to leave John pushed her down the stairs streaming I've been giving you money and  buying you the finer things and this is how you repay me, Alex your lover boy Alex will miss his princess.

Kim gathered herself and ran for the door, her head was bleeding John grabbed her and drug her to the lake. He tied her up and dropped her in alive. John was fed up with Kim's games he didn't realize he blacked out. 

Kim eventually stop fighting and died. 

Kims mentor eventually tracked John down for questioning about Kim’s whereabouts and everyone knew John was the last to see her but he wasn't taking any calls since the night of Kim’s death. 

Alex was devastated when he heard the news there was nothing he could do or say. Many people knew that John was fed up but they never expected this. Alex loved Kim but she knew her antics would land her in a situation like this one. They eventually retrieved Kim's body from John’s lake. John was arrested and charged with murder.

Alex began teaching classes for young battered women like Kim who survived.

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